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Dani ([personal profile] dani_blondy22) wrote on November 8th, 2010 at 12:18 am
Noah Reid Friending Meme
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Copy all the Info Below into the "Leave a Comment" :)





Journal status, FO or open:

Why do you love Noah or Reid:

Favorite Character/s other then Noah/Reid:

Your favorite Noah/Reid episodes/moments/scenes:

Favorite Neid Quote:

Favourite Noah/Reid picture:

Your favorite article of clothing (Can be for either boy):

What do you hope will happen to Noah/Reid ? (Obviously since the show has ended can be non Canon:

Do you read fic? If so what types:

Do you write Fan fic/Make Fanart/Make Fanvids?:


Other fandoms/actors/characters?:

What is in your LJ? Real Life Stuff? Show? Both?:

Anything else about Noah/Reid or you?:


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